About Pricing

Speed Means Sales

Lightning Fast eCommerce

90% of websites are a bloated mess.

  • Pain in the ass to get up and running without plugins?
  • How about cost?
  • Whatabout the 19 second page loads from using Magento?
  • Whatabout ''Freemium' where it's $4 (monthly) to get started, but $3500 (monthly) ?



What is this?

Epitrade is an ecommerce platform + cms tailored to small businesses.

It allows you to customise and build your site as YOU see it.

Sell Digital-only products? No problem!

Built on the absolute best technology available to make it blazing fast.

Suitable for;

  • Small Busineses [x]
  • Musicians [x]
  • Writers & Artists [x]

Seeing as we're up against well funded behemoths. We can give the following guarentee;

  • First 100 companies/accounts to sign up gets free support for life
  • That is all